This is a collection of observations and notes about the art process, and the ideas and tools that I bring to the practice.

My introduction to art practice began with Saturday morning drawing lessons at the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, and followed at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston where I concentrated on drawing and painting, with continuing studies at The Art Students League in New York with Mary Beth McKenzie, Costa Vavagiakis, James Lancel McElhinney, and Henry Finkelstein, at the Museum School with Luther Price, and the New York Studio School with John Lees.

On Nantucket Island I exhibited regularly, and in 1990 founded The (x) Gallery with a group of artist friends. As the arts program director for the Artist’s Association of Nantucket, I curated film and visiting artist programs, taught drawing and printmaking, and organized two group exhibitions, Lives of Nantucket and Time Capsule, that were focused on multimedia and installation. I joined with artists Michael Perrone and Jess Gorell to form the Exchange group, and presented a mixed media exhibition in 2001.

An interest in video and computer graphics and the potential of the internet as venue for the presentation of art led to work in building web interfaces and programming, and employment in Boston and New York as a web designer and developer.

I hope there may be ideas here of interest or use, and would be happy to hear your thoughts about the work of making art.

—Graham White

2 thoughts on “about”

  1. Recently I discovered Mary Beth Mckenzie’s art and am quite taken with her technique of painting and found your site by searching for her artwork. I am enjoying your postings on “process” and what takes place when we creat paintings and drawings. I guess all artists have a vision when painting and drawing but often the piece will take on its own life and of course one must follow to see what might develop. Thank you for your thoughts on drawing and painting!

  2. always enjoy coming round and reading what you write and your latest stuff. i like the sketches from mcehenny (i’m not going to waste my mind b/c time to sleep) especially the more involved one’s at the end.
    and i like your discussion of your painting of becca. i recall when you did that and i agree with your thoughts. it is a very alive and together painting.
    and then i dig those large portraits you do from your imagination or people. really enjoyable graham. thanks. i gather you will be seeing me a bit more at the league b/c i’m again a free woman with time to occupy. and art keeps me grounded. and you likely know, i need some grounding.
    best, eva

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